The journey that prepares us to arrive."

Celeste's approach to coaching and mentorship weaves modern therapy & neuropsychology with ancient wisdoms, Shamanic practices, quantum wellness and Sophia Christ Consciousness

Guiding and empowering her clients through their unique process of healing, purification, and awakening; ultimately returning home to Self and union with the Divine.


You will begin peeling back the many layers of judgment, fear, illusion and suffering and expand into liberating degrees of forgiveness, love, compassion, gratitude, acceptance, and sovereignty.

You will begin and/or continue your process of deep cellular and soulular purification through different devotional practices of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing. Through your creation of spaciousness within, clarity of direction and purpose will further reveal itself to you so that you can align yourself with, ground and embody your Divine Truth.

You will also gain the tools and capacity within to continue your healing beyond our work together.

Diamond Becoming

1:1 Coaching & mentorship

"this is a 4-Step process Initiated with a 3-Day Intensive"

This process consists of about 18 hours of 1:1 work completed over 3 consecutive days. The Initial Intensive is further supported by 2x/Month 75 minute sessions for 3+ Months ongoing. 

Here we consciously work with your internal pressures, shining and refining your edges to reveal the one-of-a-kind Diamond you are becoming.


We begin the process with a detailed personal history, gathering information from throughout your life, revealing a Clear map and overview of your (conscious and unconscious) core beliefs, traumas, significant experiences, charged emotions, memories, patterns and programs influencing and shaping your life, up until this point.


Next we gently release core emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, etc.) and belief systems identified in STEP 1 via the highly effective therapeutic technique of TimeLine Therapy. You can think of this as neuropsychological “cord cutting”, disconnecting significant experiences from their inception points and empowering you to respond (rather than react) to the present moment. We also do parts integration work to bring conflicting parts into agreement, balance, and coherence.


Having created space within the Self and the Cells through the Dissolve & Resolve phase, we now focus on cultivating clarity around your future Vision. Having clarity here allows us to analyze the gap between where you are and where you are wanting to grow.

We’ll break your big goal down, creating mini goals to support you forward while collapsing and integrating timelines and identifying your highest timeline potential.


Here we focus on further grounding the work we’ve completed while implementing practices, ways of being, belief systems and thought patterns to support you in preparing for, aligning yourself with, bridging the gap, and coming into immaculate embodiment of your vision.

In our growing times of extreme pressure, we are diamonds in the making with the opportunity to upgrade ourselves and our cells to that of Radiant & Crystal Clear, Diamond Light.

The outcome from these 3-day Intensives are subtle yet profound shifts in the entirety of the person

Having consciously worked with your internal pressures; shining and refining your edges to reveal the one-of-a-kind Diamond you are becoming. You Will experience increased inner peace and lightness within. This is because we have done quantum release work and neurological, emotional and psychological purification around past trauma, stuck/negative emotions and disempowering belief systems; transmuting and upgrading old programs as you call home and embody the truth of who you are. 

This is a Co-creative Container Which Requires Your Active Participation and Willingness to Observe, Open, and re-member yourself with child-like curiosity.

There Will be suggested practices and activities, self
inquiry exercises, personalized rituals and ceremonies,
readings, physical & spiritual cleansing protocols, etc. to further support your unique process.

Working with Celeste

is a process of deep cellular healing, purification and awakening for resurrecting your Divine Truth, Sacred Sovereignty,
 Higher Purpose and Conscious Creation.


I am committed to supporting those who are ready to go deep and create effective and lasting change, both within and without. 

True change requires our continued effort, trust, faith, courage, and devotion. Having someone to compassionately hold space with and for you as you integrate yourself, while helping you strengthen and expand your own perception, is invaluable. With that said, I am currently only taking new clients who are ready to commit to a minimum of 3 consecutive Months.




Installment plans available
upon request



Installment plans available
upon request

Full year Coaching & Mentorship Plans available upon request, alignment & availability

What's included

  • Initial 3-Day Breakthrough Intensive (18 hours 1:1 time)
  • 2x/Month 75-90 min 1:1 sessions ongoing
  • Email + text + voice message accessibility between sessions
  • Supportive Practices (breath + meditation + mudra + mantra)