The Serpent & The Rose Retreat

Inspired, blessed and guided by Ayahuasca

Then grounded in neuropsychology, devotion, and prayer

This unique experience has been intentionally curated to help you heal from Trauma dissolve and release dense imprints from significant past experiences and resurrect your True Essence so you can more fully embody your Divine Truth, Sacred Sovereignty and Higher Purpose.

The Serpent & The Rose is a unique retreat experience

Weaving together ancient wisdom, grounded spirituality and modern therapy to support and optimize your ceremonial work while establishing a grounded, mature, nurtured, and responsible  relationship with The Mother Medicine for effective healing and lasting change.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a medicinal entheogenic brew native to the Amazonias

It is most commonly a combination of two or more plants which, when brewed together, create a profound psycho-spiritual effect having brought great interest and popularity to this Indigenous Medicine during these evolutionary times of great change.

Her counterpart plant, Chacruna (Psychotria Viridis)

Contains the chemical compound of DMT. Chacruna compliments B. Caapi beautifully by illuminating the profundity of her Medicine, assisting us in experiencing her mysterious healing nature through quantum interpretation, which many of us have simply forgotten how to access on our own.

The Divine Vine (B. Caapi) carries a special alkaloid which allows the DMT within the chacruna leaf to penetrate the blood brain barrier.

The two, when brewed together, co-create expanded states of consciousness for deep healing, divine Clarity, higher guidance and life-changing experiences.

Ayahuasca is also a strong purgatory, facilitating physical, mental emotional and spiritual purification to cleanse and liberate a person from the imprints and layers of personal, ancestral and collective Trauma while also having the ability to carry a person outside of time and space and into the everything and nothing.

These expanded states of consciousness Ayahuasca guides us into

assist in the dissolving of the logical thinking mind and previous walls or limitations we’ve put up for whatever reasons, helping us access important information being stored in the quantum fabric within our Selves, our Cells and all of existence. Having access to the information being stored in our cellular libraries not only helps us to heal from the past but also awakens us to our unique potential to optimize living and reconnect us with the Divine that we are.

This is as they say, "where the magic happens".

Ayariri Amen, I'm in your hands

Upcoming Retreats 

February 5th-12th 2024 : Spain

Fall 2024 : Location
and dates TBD.

If the current dates don’t align for whatever reason please apply anyway to add your name to the waiting list, receive first announcements for future retreats and access potential early bird rates.

What's included?

8-Day Sacred Medicine Retreat


One in preparation & in integration of our Sacred Medicine retreat. Dates and times will be announced 4-6 weeks prior to the retreat itself.


(prior to retreat) in personal preparation of your experience. Here we can connect 1: 1, explore your intentions and support you in working through anything coming up personally leading up to your journey work.

Retreat details:

• 3 ceremonies with Grandmother Ayahuasca
• Baños de Flores (traditional Plant + Flower bath)
• Rose Ceremony (non-psychoactive)
• Simple, elegant and comfortable shared accommodations.
• Fresh, organic plant based meals. (Dinner will not be served on the evenings of ceremony).
• Group + 1:1 support throughout the retreat.
• Transmissions + ceremonies + group led experiences at
the retreat villa (for example : daily practice + Sacred
Breath journeys, Sound Baths, Medicine Wheel
• Airfare + transportation too and from the airport is NOT included. 

This retreat is for you if

  • You feel called to work with the Divine Intelligence of Ayahuasca for Higher guidance on your path of devotion for greater fulfillment, meaning and purpose.